The Families and Mental Health (FAMH) Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University is directed by Heather A. Jones, Ph.D., and includes faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students and post-baccalaureate research assistants. Our mission is to investigate ways to improve mental health of youth and their families via a number of pathways (e.g., increasing readiness to change, improving mental health literacy, facilitating access to care). Our research is centered on underserved populations, including African American youth, pregnant women and low income families. We strive to better understand mental health in these populations and to improve engagement in evidence-based treatment. While much of Dr. Jones’ research is focused on individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, several of her graduate students study other areas of psychopathology with a focus on family factors in youth mental health.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Jones or the FAMH lab, please contact us as or (804) 828-5656. We are always happy to talk to parents interested in our research or the ADHD Clinic, graduate students considering our lab for graduate school, or undergraduates interested in a research experience. If you are a member of the press, please contact Dr. Jones directly at